Crittenden Weaver Photos – Need Help Identifying

I have mentioned here before what a treasure family photos are to me. I was surprised and thrilled when I received a comment in this blog from another Crittenden relative that I did not know about. Our connection is through Moses Crittenden and his relationship with Emily Crittenden Weaver.  The biggest thrill was that she had photos to share!

She was very generous in immediately sending me scans of her photos and her best guesses as to who they are. Some are scans of photos that were taken of original photographs in a photo album. There are also some scans of treasured original tin types.

I am going to attach the scans in this post with our combined best info about who is actually in the photos. I am hoping that someone who reads this will be able to provide more information and/or add to our growing collection of photos.

Charlotte and Lottie Robbins.Emily Crittenden Weaver Daughters

Photos of Charlotte and Lottie Robbins. Daughters of Emily Crittenden Weaver.

Anyone have any other photos of Charlotte and Lottie?

Emily Crittenden Weaver and Joe Weaver

Emily Crittenden Weaver and Joe Weaver, her son

Although this is identified as Emily, based on another photo that I have of her, I do not think that this is Emily Crittenden Weaver.


Ben and Mary Crittenden - Dave Crittenden

Ben and Mary Crittenden – Dave Crittenden

Emily Weaver Family photos.jpg

Here are some thoughts as to who the people in these photos might be.

1.Maybe Ben Crittenden
3.Don’t know
6. David Crittenden
7. Don’t know
10. Mary and her sisters and David Crittenden
11. David Crittenden

Emily Weaver Family

More photos with needing identifying.

Top row left – Emily Crittenden Weaver possibly – I do not think so.
Top row middle – Do not know
Top row right – I have had this photo identified by two people as Emily Crittenden Weaver. If so, then I do not see the resemblance to the photo above, next to Joe Weaver, identified as Emily Weaver. I was told that might be Emily, but she looks nothing like the woman top row, right, in this photo.
Bottom row left – Possibly David Crittenden’s sister who was blinded when she was young.
Bottom row middle – Do not know
Bottom row right – Do not know

Hoping this is read by someone who can help us shed more light on these treasured photos, or add some photos of their own of anyone connected to Moses Crittenden and his descendants.


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12 responses to “Crittenden Weaver Photos – Need Help Identifying

  1. Kelly Cook

    Hello Kathy,
    I have some names for gig on the pictures. Please email me and I will let you know the info that I have.

    Kelly Cook

  2. Susie Crittenden-Chambers

    Last set of pics top row from left to right: Rachel Woodall (Emily Weaver’s daughter), ?; Emily Weaver
    Bottom row from left to right: ?; ?; Anthony Crittenden (Emily and Moses’ son)
    2nd set of pics top row from left to right: Bullet Weaver (Emily and Joe Weaver’s son), Anthony Crittenden, ?
    bottom row from left to right: ?, ?, Sam King (Emily’s youngest son who passed away at a young age).
    That’s who I have tagged as who’s who.

  3. Sonya

    Hi I would love to talk with you about the weaver family in general. I’m in direct line to the weavers from Hertford Co NC

    • Sonya, Sorry that it has taken so long to respond. I would also love to talk more as I do not no much beyond Emily’s mother’s name going back before her time in Arkansas. I will send you an email with my contact info. Please do get in touch. Kathleen

  4. Dale A Weaver

    Is Emily Weaver a descendant of Lewis Weaver?

  5. Krista Hamilton

    I am a decendent of Moses and Margret Crittenden. Their Daughter, Maryann Talbert was my second great grandmother. She is mother to my great grand mother, Cora Elizabeth Caffey. There’s a sweet story with her and I can provide her photo to your email. My great grandparents died on the same day in 1940. Grandma in town and Grandpa at home, moments after he got the news. They say of a broken heart.

    I show Moses Crittenden in Siloam Springs, AR as a farmer?

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