Moses Crittenden Family Connection Comments

Moses Crittenden

BIRTH 10 MAY 1825  Cherokee Nation East, GA, USA

DEATH 27 JAN 1899  Wagoner, Wagoner, Oklahoma, United States

If you want to start a dialogue regarding possible connections between your family and my Crittenden relatives, please comment below.  This will help all comments regarding possible shared family members to be easily viewable in one place.

5 responses to “Moses Crittenden Family Connection Comments

  1. kimcrittenden

    My name is Kimberly Crittenden and I am the great grandaughter of Anthony Crittenden. I would like to make contact with anyone who has information on Anthony or Emily, Thank you.

    • Kimberly, I will send a group email to those that I know are actively researching Anthony or Emily and ask them to respond to your thread here. Where are you currently living and what is your lineage back to Anthony? Kathy

      • kimcrittenden

        Sorry, just seeing this 4 years later. Anthony is my great grandfather on my dad’s side. It goes Anthony Crittenden, John W Crittenden, then Jerry W Crittenden, my father. Jane Taylor Crittenden is my great grandmother. I would like more information on Moses, Emily and Anthony if anyone has that available I would love to talk to you! For research you can email me at

  2. Kathleen, are you aware that you are a close cousin to Rory Crittenden, Cherokee filmmaker who does the “Osiyo” program?
    I descend from Mary Elizabeth Williams who is likely a descendant of Charles Crittenden who married a Cherokee. I would like to know if our DNA matches. How can I find yours on or Gedmatch? Regards,
    Ruth Gravitt

    • Ruth, My Ancestry user name is JedPaul. My DNA is under Kathleen Jo Moore. My mother’s (her mother was a Crittenden) is under Wanita West. GEDMatch:
      Kathy A173200
      Wanita A982823
      I did not know that I was a cousin of Rory Crittenden. I will find some time to look into that.
      I do a lot of research with other Crittenden cousins descended from William Crittenden. I would love more information on Charles Crittenden’s lineage.
      For research communication you can email me at: Can you send me your Ancestry and GedMatch info?

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