Sorry for the Absence

It has been way too long since I have posted. I spent a lot of time last year solving a mystery on my father’s side of my tree with great results. Meanwhile, I moved to Portugal last Fall. It took a while to get settled in and then I have been traveling in the states since June. I will be back in Portugal in October and settled in one place starting November 1 for the next several months.

My goal is to spend my winter getting organized about tracing one lead at a time. I will also be planning two genealogy trips for next year, June 2019 I want to spend some time in Maryland following up on Nicholas Moore, born in Maryland in about 1712. I will be on a quest to trace back from Nicholas and find where in Ireland my branch of the Moore family started their migration to America.

In August and September 2019 I will be in Oklahoma for the First Families of the Cherokee Nation annual reunion (first time attending). Then to Mena, Arkansas where my great grandfather Moses Crittenden lived in the mid-1800s. Next to Guntersville, Alabama to the West side of my mother’s family.  And then to South Carolina where I hope to be able to go further back in our lineage from William L West who was born in South Carolina and migrated to Alabama in the 1800s.

Anyone with info on the Moores in Baltimore or Wests in South Carolina, please contact me.

Over the summer I did manage to do some additional research on the time spent by my grandparents James Richard West and Eliza Crittenden West in Roswell New Mexico in the early 1900s. More court documents on my grandfather. Once I have  a little more information I will post an update on the life of my very interesting grandfather!


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4 responses to “Sorry for the Absence

  1. Reba Newton

    I would love to find out if we are in any way related. My great grandfathers name was Ben Crittenden and his wife’s name was Mary Crittenden. Their son Dave Crittenden was my grandfather and he was married to Elsie Kindle Crittenden.

    • Reba, We are related through Benjamin’s wife, Mary Weaver. She was the daughter of Emily Crittenden and Mary’s grandfather was Lewis Crittenden. Lewis is my 3rd great uncle through my great grandfather Moses Crittenden. It is possible that there we also have a blood connection through Benjamin. I only have his mother’s name so do not know where he might fit in to my Crittenden lineage. Through Emily Crittenden you are also related to Susie Crittenden whose comments are in various places on the blog. Susie is also descended from Emily. The lineage is quite complex around this period. Let me know if you want to explore more. You might want to also respond to one of Susie’s comments to connect with her. She has a lot of information on Emily.

  2. Patty

    Kathy, I was adopted and am trying to trace my roots on my paternal side. My father was a member of the Cherokee nation on his mother’s side. I have traced back to the early 1800s. Samuel Quinton and wife Lydia (Crittenden) were living in the Freedom Township in Polk County AR in the 1850 and 1860 Census. Since you mentioned both in your blog, I thought there may be a connection? Have you found out anymore about Quinton mountain?

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