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This page is a work in progress.

Web Sites

This site provides a chronological summary of Cherokee history as it relates to genealogy research.  That is followed by an overview of available Cherokee records.  I have not checked each item on this site for accuracy. However, it is a good resource for starting your research and gaining some understanding of the movement of the Cherokee population within Indian Territory and the United States.


“And Still the Waters Run” by Angie Debo

“History of the Cherokee Indians” by Emmett Starr

“Cherokee Roots, Volume 2: Western Cherokee Rolls” by Bob Blankenship

“Family Maps of Polk County, Arkansas” by Gregory A. Boyd, J.D.

Other Resources

Cherokee Emigration Records 1829-1835 – This book is a reprint of Senate Doc. #403, 24th Congress, 1st Session. It was compiled and indexed by Larry S. Watson with a 1990 copyright by HISTREE. It includes not only the valuation records of the land and improvements left in the east, but copies of the Treaty with the Cherokee 1817, Treaty with the Cherokee 1819, and Treaty with the Cherokee 1828. Reading the treaties helps to put the emigration records in context.

I have not been able to find an ebook or a hard copy of this book available for sale online. It is available at several libraries.

The Oklahoma Red Book Compiled by W. B. Richards, Corporation Record Clerk, Under the Supervision of Benjamin F. Harrison, Secretary of State, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. This book covers much of the history of government history of public and private land in Oklahoma both before and after statehood. It can be downloaded from Amazon for Kindle for 99 cents.

Treaty with the Western Cherokee, 1828, May 6, 1828. | 7 Stat., 311. | Proclamation, May 28, 1828.

Cherokee Emigration Rolls 1817-1837National Archives database

2 responses to “Research Resources

  1. Karen K. Akin

    Were you able to find a copy of the Larry Watson book, Cherokee Emigration Records 1829-1835 in Arkansas? I am researching William Crittenden, who is my husband’s 5th great grandfather.
    Karen Akin

    • I am so sorry that it has taken me so long to respond. I now live in Portugal and was in the U.S. for the first time since Covid last August and September. Since my return to Portugal I have been buried in other activity and am now trying to catch up on all of hanging Genealogy projects! I did not find that book in Arkansas. I found some pages of it in a small library in northern Oklahoma. William is my second great grandfather. We have a group all descended from William who are doing research together. Email at if you are interested in being included in our emails.

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