Discoveries in Polk County Arkansas

Last week I wrote about finding a copy of the land patent for the land my great grandfather, Moses Crittenden, purchased in 1860 in Polk County, Arkansas.

As soon as I held the description of the land in my hand I knew I would find my way to Arkansas and stand on that land.

On November 1, 2014 I fulfilled the promise made to myself and drove into Mena Arkansas, county city for Polk County. It was too late in the day to visit the court house or library. So, after a great meal at the Skyline Café in the center of town, I checked into my motel for a good night’s sleep in anticipation of a full day of researching starting early the next morning.

I was waiting on the court house steps the next morning anxious to find a map that matched the legal description on the land patent.

Description of Moses' Property

Description of Moses’ Property

The clerk was able to provide me with a map that had the current owner’s names written on a plat map for the appropriate township and range.  Using a map hanging on the wall of the county clerk’s office she pointed out some landmarks that would help me know when I reached the property.

Current Owner of Moses' Original Polk County Homestead

Current Owner of Moses’ Original Polk County Homestead

The clerk also provided me with a plat map showing the current owners of the neighboring land.

Current Owners of Neighboring Homestead Property

Current Owners of Neighboring Homestead Property

I wrote in the location of Moses original homestead and a few of his relatives on the plat maps and started my drive.  When I reached the curve in the road that I thought signified I was at Moses’ property I was very glad that I had the map with the current owner’s name.  The last name of the current owner is Huff.  At the entrance to the farm that I thought was on Moses’ old homestead was a large iron gate with a large “H” on it.  Obviously H for Huff. I was in the right place.

Cherokee Homestead Land in Arkansas

Cherokee Homestead Land in Arkansas

Coming later this week, the surprising discoveries I made later that day at the Polk County Library in Mena.


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12 responses to “Discoveries in Polk County Arkansas


    • Based on a conversation that I had with one of the neighbors, I do not think so. However, I have a phone number for the current owners and was planning to call them later this month. I will ask that question. Thank you for the information!

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  3. Patricia McDaniel - St. Peter

    I am descendant of the McDaniel family from there in Polk county, Mena Arkansas. My GrandFather was Lester McDaniel who was a preacher there. I have been reading and appreciating everything you have found.

  4. Jan Kelley

    I love all of the fantastic research that you’ve done Kathy, I wish I could call you I have so many things that I could share with you. My husband was a great grandson of Anthony Crittenden. My name is Jan Kelley. Anthony had a daughter named Josie Crittenden/Kelley and she was my husbands grandmother. You have found a tremendous amount of documentation that I have never seen before. Thanks so much for sharing.
    Jan Kelley

    • Jan, I have been prepping for a large move. By the end of October I will be back to genealogy. I am sure that we can arrange a phone call. Kathy

      • Jan Kelley

        Thank you Kathy, I will be looking forward to that, I have so many things that I want to tell and ask you.
        Thanks for responding,
        Jan Kelley

        • Jan, at last my move to Portugal is finally complete and I am settled in. Let me know a good time for us to talk. We have to allow for the time difference, I am 8 hours ahead of you here. I could call you on Skype. Give me a couple of choices as to days/times that work for you.

          • Jan Kelley

            You have really been busy! It must be 100 times harder to do it in another country?
            Now, my line on the Crittenden’s is through Anthony, he was my husbands great grandfather. His grandmother was Josie Crittenden/Kelley, Anthony’s daughter.
            I’m just curious, since you’re such a fantastic researcher, that I admire tremendously, Have you run across any personal information, such as: personalities, stories, pictures etc. I wish I could put bits and pieces together and write a history for Emily Crittenden. My heart breaks for her and what her life must have been like. Do you happen to have any insight on her that might help?
            I feel tongue tied all of a sudden and I hope that I can stay in contact with you beyond this point.
            Thanks from the bottom of my heart for responding to my query, I really appreciate it.
            I have pictures that I would like to share with you, as soon as I can find them.
            Thanks again,
            Jan Kelley

  5. Joe Duncan

    Great article and helpful. My great, great, great grandfather, Charles W. Morgan, is shown on the map as homesteading 3 parcels in sections 14 and 15. Most of his descendants are lost in the mists except one orphaned grandson who was my great grandfather and long deceased.

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