Descendants of Moses Crittenden -Where Are They?

Moses Crittenden, my great grandfather, had 17 children.

His children with Edith Quinton were:
James Washington Crittenden 1849–1922
Malinda Jane Crittenden 1850–1932
Clara Crittenden 1851–1881
William Crittenden 1852 –
Perry Crittenden 1854–
Martha Elizabeth Crittenden 1854–1892
Elizabeth Crittenden 1859–
Edith Elizabeth Crittenden 1861–1945

Great Aunt Edith Elizabeth Crittenden

His children with Margaret Howell were:
Mary Ann Crittenden 1868–1945
Palmira Vianna Crittenden 1871–1939
Sidney Crittenden 1873–1925
Nancy Alice Crittenden 1875–1941
Eliza Jane Crittenden 1876–1970 (my grandmother)

Dora B Crittenden 1880–1968
Margaret Rebecca Crittenden 1882
Isaac Moses Crittenden 1888-1957


One child with Emily Crittenden Weaver:
Anthony Crittenden 1854-1909

I know there are hundreds of Moses Crittenden descendants. My hope is that eventually we will all  find each other online and share family stories, photos and missing genealogy facts.

Meantime, I will continue to post my discoveries about my grandparents’ ancestors; the Crittendens, the Wests, the Moores and the Cartmills.

With this post goes a big hug to all of my cousins out there, known and unknown.



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21 responses to “Descendants of Moses Crittenden -Where Are They?

  1. Randy Shane wickham

    Their was a David Crittenden who married Elsa , they were my my great grand parents . Maybe the genealogy is tracable through the tribal role number .

  2. Sarah

    Nancy Alice would have been my great-great grandmother. I would love to share and compare
    Nancy Alice
    Norma Mitchell (Hagan) -great grandmother
    Carl Willard Mitchell grandfather

    • Sarah, I will contact you via email later this month. So much has happened this year including death of my mother and my just concluded move to Portugal. I promise I will be in touch and will be back to genealogy this months.

  3. Jennifer Mayfield

    Just wondering what you have learned about Mose or Moses Crittenden. According to the dates he had Anthony with Emily Crittenden (who was his 14 year old niece- her father was his brother Lewis) while married to Edith Quinton, who also had children by him in 1854. Strange family dynamics to say the least but of course those times were very different than today. We are actually researching Emily and Anthony. Mose or Moses had lived in Arkansas and was quite the successful hog farmer.

    • Jennifer, yes, they were interesting times to say the least. I would love to compare notes with your daughter. I have so many leads that I am following for my West and Crittenden lines. This week’s goal is to start a separate research sheet for each listing what I know, questions, theories and other contacts that I know who are researching the same question. You can email you and your daughter’s contact information at I just created this new account so that I can keep all of my genealogy correspondence in one place!

    • Susie Crittenden-Chambers

      Jennifer, which one does your daughter belong? Emily and Moses were cousins, I believe. Lewis Crittenden, who was Emily’s father, and William, who was Moses’ father were brothers. I, too, am a descendant of Anthony’s. He was my great grandfather. Any info you have please let me know. I would be glad to trade with you.

    • It would be wonderful for you, Susie and I to exchange info in a group email. If you reply with your email I can hook the three of us together. I will not post the reply with your email to the blog if you want it kept private. Comments do not appear until I approve them.

  4. Terry Sanders

    Due to your blog, I am almost certain Moses Crittenden was my great grandfather. I am certain that a Isaac Moses Crittenden was my maternal grandfather. I was taken to his funeral sometime in the fifties, I was young, I was born in 1948. The funeral was in Corsicana, Texas. My mother was Lena Viola Crittenden and born in Muskogee, Oklahoma Feb 12, about 1918. I know from my uncle, William Crittenden, that they had some kind of Cherokee number (?). My family did not talk much about their ancestors. We always thought that my father, Artemas Cecil Sanders was a “lot” native american. He never denied it but would not talk about it at all. There were no pictures of his mother but my mother said she sure looked Indian, For what it’s worth, she did not say this in complimentary fashion, My mother had two sisters, Idona and Almeda and I think two brothers, William and I think “Lennie”.

    • Dear Terry, I would love to explore our connection. Isaac was my grandmother’s brother and I have never met any of her siblings descendants.

    • Terry,

      If you are certain that Isaac is your grandfather we are definitely related. Isaac was my grandmother’s brother. Are you on Ancestry. If not I can send you a link via email to view my tree and see all of Isaac’s siblings. If you can provide a birth certificate issued by the state for your mother and also yourself, you can apply for membership in the Cherokee tribe as a descendant of someone on the Dawes Roll (Isaac). For me getting the enrollment in the tribe was about honoring my grandmother and her history.

  5. Michele Shofner

    I am also a descendant of Mose Crittenden. through my great grandmother McIntosh, Smith, Lower, Bowden, Carter etc.

  6. Mickey Staten

    I am the great grand son of Nancy Alice.

  7. Susie Crittenden-Chambers

    OMG! You are getting relatives. “Inch by inch”. This is exciting!

  8. Rhanie Freeman

    Were any in Kentucy.

    • Not that I know of Rhanie. However, Moses had 18 children born between 1849 and 1888, so I certainly do not know for certain where location of all of those who descended from those children.

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