Oklahoma and Arkansas Research Trip – First Stop

My apologies for going two weeks without posting. I have been preparing for my research trip to Oklahoma and Arkansas and it is here at last.

On my first trip to Oklahoma, two years ago, I stayed ten days. I suspected that would not be enough time before I started the trip, and I was right. The days sped by and I wished that I was staying another two weeks. So this trip I have planned to be in Oklahoma and Arkansas between three and four weeks.

As I was planning my route and making my list of what I wanted to accomplish that seemed like enough time. However, now that I have set out, my list questions to research keeps growing and, once again, I realize I will not be there long enough.

When I came to Oklahoma in 2012 I knew so much less about my ancestors than I do now. My increased knowledge means increased leads to follow, additional towns to visit and more questions that need answering.

My itinerary for this trip starts with spending time in Tahlequah, the Cherokee Nation capital. While there I plan to:

Visit the Cherokee Historical Society

Look through documents in the courthouse in nearby Wagoner to find out more about some 1922 legal dealings of my grandfather James West

Spend a day in Westville visiting the Talbot Library and Museum and the Going Snake District Heritage Association.

  • I will be looking for information about my grandmother’s youth. She was born in Going Snake District, but that is all I really know about her childhood
  • I will also be looking for information about the Quinton family – Lydia Crittenden Quinton and Nellie Quinton in particular.  My  great grandfather married his niece Edith Quinton, who was Lydia’s daughter and Nellie’s sister.

Find out who the Jim West is that Westville was named after in 1895. Is he related to my grandfather James West’s family?

Go to the following cemeteries near Tahlequah

  • Pioneer – try to find and uncover grave marker for Margaret Crittenden
  • Hulbert – Find Zeke and Dick Crittenden’s grave
  • Elmwood – Look for David West and family and any other Wests.
  • Proctor Sanders Cemetery –  burial place of Emily Crittenden

Stand on my grandmother’s Dawes allotment land in Okay once again.

Meet with the genealogist at Stillwell Public Library to see what information she may have on Crittenden ancestors.

Next week I will post a journal of what I find while in Tahlequah. Next on the itinerary will be Vinita, Oklahoma, with a whole new set of research goals and questions!


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6 responses to “Oklahoma and Arkansas Research Trip – First Stop

  1. shirley belden

    I am searching for info on Sarah Crittenden, born around 1860 in Tahlequah.
    Mother was Rachel Conner and dad was Crittenden, don’t have first name.
    Rachel sister Eliza married Ned Moore. Any help is appreciated very much!!!

    • Shirley,

      I am adding this to my list of research projects for July. I will get back to you. Remind me if you do not hear from me by August 1.

      • shirley belden

        Thanks, Shirley
        Drennen Roll
        Id Group ID Name District Notes
        1263 368 Betsey Conner Delaware
        1264 368 Manina (Minerva) Conner Delaware
        1262 368 Polly Conner Delaware
        1265 368 Rachel Conner Delaware
        Rachel’s half siblings
        Annie Falling
        John B Falling

  2. Janet Mukri

    I am a descendent of Rachel Conner through her daughter Sarah Anne Crittenden, who married Samuel Calvert. I am also looking for any information you have on Rachel Conner, Crittenden, Oskison. I know her marriages and children, but our family is trying to find out about Rachel’s parents, and sisters or brothers, and where Rachel is buried.
    If you are able to find out any info for Kathy Stafford, please share this info with me.
    Janet Mukri

    • Janet, I am not finding a Crittenden connection between us yet. However, I will continue to work on it and let you know if I find any relevant information.

      • Janet Mukri

        Thanks Kathy.
        I didn’t have marriage of Eliza to Ned Moore, so thanks for that! I do have a stater of Rachel named Susie Conner married a David Hunter.
        This might be way off, but when I was reading about Bear Timpson, it referred to his mother (Nancy or En Ci E) being the sister of Luci Conner (Lu Ci) who was Rachel Conner’s mother. Rachel’s mother was also married to Benjamin Falling and had John Falling and Annie Falling. If this is true, then Rachel’s maternal grandmother was Katy and grandfather was Ju No Quoh Le Ske who was born in Cherokee Nation, GA and died in Cherokee Nation, East. He had 10 children.

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